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ScopeDAQ is a two-channel digital oscilloscope with maximum sampling frequency of 200 MHz and 8-bit converter resolution. The user can take advantage of 2 analog channels for connecting standard oscilloscope probes. Maximum sampling frequency using two channels is 200MHz. Six measurement ranges - from 50mV/division to 2V/division (1:1 probe) - allows to measure signals of wide range of voltages. With this degree of division of the probe, the measuring range equals 20V. The basic version of the device has a buffer of size of 256K samples per channel, but it can be increased to 2M, giving the possibility of recording more data.


Navigator window

Navigator window

Window showing measured sign...

Window showing measured signals

Window showing FFT of measur...

Window showing FFT of measured analog signal

View of setup window

View of setup window

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