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Rotor balancing
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RK-SYSTEM organizes proffesional courses for electronic designers and software developers. Our company has especially designed rooms for this kind of trannings and makes them also at the customer office. This courses are conducted by people with very deep practical skills. RK-SYSTEM organizes the courses for FPGA/CPLD devices designing wirh VHDL language usage.

FPGA/CPLD desinging using VHDL language

We offer proffesional cources for digital electronic designers who want to implement their project to CPLD and FPGA chips.

C language programming for embended microcontrollers

The course is organized for software and hardware developers, who want to get to know how write efficiently the code in C langugae for embended systems.

Rotor balancing

We offer the cources for people hwo want to learn how balance the rotors with VIbroDAQ and VibroDAQ portable devices.

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Aktualizacja oprogramowania Uprog


Naprawiono bibliotekę PICF...

Aktualizacja oprogramowania Uprog


Zmiana algorytmów układów Flash...

Aktualizacja oprogramowania Uprog


Dodano obsługę układu SST39VF801C-70-4C-EKE, poprawiono szybkość algorytmów bibkioteki Flash16...

Aktualizacja oprogramowania Uprog


Poprawiono algorytmy układów Dallas DS1230Y, DS1644, DS1225AD...

Aktualizacja oprogramowania Uprog


Poprawiono obsługę programowania automatycznego w opcji Gang Mode...

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