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VibroDAQ 2

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Welcome to RK-SYSTEM web site

Our company offers:
  • hardware and software tools for electronic developers
  • development services
  • universal programmers
  • balancing and vibration measurement systems
  • measurement systems

Selected products

Uprog Portable

Uprog Portable - universal and extreme fast device programmers. Operates in two modes: stand-alone and standard PC hosted with the aid USB 2.0 interface.
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VibroDAQ 2.0

VibroDAQ 2.0 - advanced measurement and diagnostic system - allows one- and two-plane balancing as well analysis of vibrations.
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LogicDAQ 2.2

LogicDAQ 2.2 is affording to sample and generate the digital data on 32 channels.
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2014-09-23  Uprog 2 software update.
   1. Added support for Cortex-M4 based Dynamic Efficiency line STM32F411 chips from STMicroelectronics (Serial Wire protocol).
   2. Added support for ATtiny1634 device from Atmel Corporation (serial and parallel protocol).
   3. A bug fixed related to programming of certain PIC16F chips from Microchip Technology Inc.
2014-09-04  Uprog 2 software update.
   Added support for Cortex-M3 based AT91SAM3S sub-family from Atmel Corporation.